Jane Thorpe // Anatomy Series

Spent a lovely afternoon with Jane Thorpe, member of Harmony United Methodist Church, retired pediatric nurse, and avid gardener.

We talked about Jane's experience in the medical field and how it connects to the purpose of church community and what being active members of the body of Christ really means. Check it out!


What is your favorite part of the body and why?

My favorite part of the body are the eyes. They can express a number of emotions.


What do you do in your profession?

I spent thirty years working in pediatric offices prior to retiring. I started working for a pediatric allergist and gave thousands of allergy injections. I also made each patient’s individual allergy mixture. I did general tasks like taking vital signs, giving vaccines, assisting the doctor. Then I became the phone triage nurse. I gave advice, scheduled appointments and tests, refilled medications, and relayed patients questions and concerns to the doctors. 


How did you prepare to get where you are today?

I first went to nursing school at Lutheran hospital in St. Louis. I quit half way through to get married. After my third child, I got my nursing degree from Maryville University.


What is the weirdest medical thing you have seen?

The weirdest medical things I have seen working in a pediatric office are the varied foreign bodies kids put in their ears. I have removed pencil lead, pieces of plastic toys, and a live insect from ears...The scariest thing I have had to deal with is severe anaphylaxis. 

Do you think of your job as spiritual? Why or why not?

Looking back on my career, I guess I would consider my job spiritual since I was helping people to live healthy, productive lives.


What happens when people are isolated?

In order to be healthy, people can't live in isolation. They need to know someone cares. Listening is extremely important.


What do you think of 1 Corinthians 12:12-27? Is it a good metaphor to church community?

I think Corinthians 12:12-27 is a good metaphor. Each organ of the body is dependent on the others for good health, just as each person in the church needs to share their talents to keep the body of Christ healthy and productive. 


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