Nathan Hopping:

Lead Pastor

WHO IS NATE? "Nate" is passionate about Christian Community. He loves walking with others in intentional faith development, discussing scripture, philosophy and everyday life. He believes that discipleship (or deepening relationship with God) is the most important thing in life. Nate is a nice combination of 'extrovert'' and 'introvert'. He values fun and games but also the important work of spiritual discipline. 

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Trina Harger:

Office Administrator & Director of Worship 

Who is Trina? Trina is passionate about intentional, creative and honest worship, as well as organized files and good communication. She loves leading others in worship before God and managing the everyday tasks of church life. Trina is a nice combination of 'observational' and 'proactive'. She values listening and participating but also the important work of leading others to use their God-given gifts. 

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